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Bóreas es una firma de Consultoría compuesta por especialistas senior con experiencia internacional en proyectos de Desarrollo Territorial, Políticas y Gestión del Agua, Planificación y Promoción del Turismo, Políticas y Proyectos de Innovación y Competitividad para las PYMES

Consultoría de Desarrollo Territorial

Bóreas is a consulting firm composed of senior specialists with international experience in Regional Development projects in the broadest sense, covering from Territorial Planning, EU and Multilateral Fundraising, Water Policies design and Water Management Projects, Tourism Planning and Promotion, Innovation and Competitiveness Policies design, Innovation Projects for SMEs, Urban Strategies and the development of Projects and Social Policies.

Áreas de Actuación

Regional Development

We carry out Projects and Policies that leverage the competitive advantages of the territories to reach higher levels of economic development, employment and entrepreneurship from a perspective of Sustainability and Efficient use of own resources.
Identification of Social, Environmental and Economic Challenges / Technical and Operational Solutions / Foster Public-Private cooperation to encourage new economic sectors development / Measurement of impacts and indicators.


Strategic sector for welfare and development, is a priority area of work for Boreas. We work on:
Fundraising for projects on Water Sanitation, Water Supply and Water Re-use / Water Governance Improvement / Territorial, Environmental and Socio-Economic Studies: Water Offer and Demand ; Impacts of Irrigation ; Alternatives on Integral Water Cycle Management


For its capacity to generate employment, Tourism is a strategic sector in which Spain is a world reference. It’s an industry that faces important challenges to ensure it is a development tool that does not unbalance the territory, the labour market and the economy.
Bóreas works in the Design of Tourist Strategies, Construction of Products and Tourism Promotion in search of non-seasonal approaches, new products, and development of complementary offers (sun and beach, experiences, nature, cities, culture).


Generating an innovative culture that transverses the SMEs is one of the keys for them to gain competitiveness and prepare to operate efficiently in local, regional and global markets.
Bóreas professionals have extensive experience in the implementation of Innovation Systems in SMEs of the most diverse sectors, as well as in the Design of Training Itineraries for Innovation in Products and Processes.


Urban Development needs of Integrated and Sustainable perspectives to guarantee the attention to the problems of the citizenship and the challenges of the city of the future.
Bóreas approach in Land Use Planning and Urban Management seeks lasting results, the use of territorial and sectoral synergies, and the promotion of activities in the fields of culture, education, mobility that generate employment and positive urban dynamics.


Major social challenges of today need imaginative and innovative proposals, supported by experience and pragmatism. Training, Childhood, Active Aging, Employment are the fields in which Bóreas has developed its work of Diagnosis and Development of Proposals for Planning, Policies and Pilot Projects.
Bóreas also supports the Public Sector and Non-Governmental Organizations in EU fundraising from the European Social Fund and European Commission Initiatives.

Somos expertos internacionales en proyectos de Desarrollo Territorial


Bóreas services match the needs of our clients. If these exceed the scope of our knowledge and experience, Bóreas take advantage of a network of independent professionals who usually collaborate with us. Below are the most common services


Project Design; EU or Multilateral Fundraising (World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and other agencies); International Partners searching; International Consortiums Creation – Coordination – Management; Technical Activities Implementation with a focus on Results and tangible Indicators; Communication.


Research and Analysis of Socio-Economic Impact prior to the formulation of Plans or Policies of the Public Sector in Bóreas fields of activity:
Water, Environment, Tourism, Urban Planning, Education, Aging, Innovation, Competitiveness and SMEs.


Sustainable Development Strategies at regional and urban scales, from integral approaches: proposals for the resolution of deficiencies or the use of windows of opportunity through integral, inclusive and sustainable (financially, economically and environmentally) measures.


Design of Plans and Initiatives in various fields:
-Society (Entrepreneurship, Employment, Training, Education, Childhood, Aging)
-Productive Sectors (Tourism, Commerce)
-Environment (Water, Waste, Protected Spaces, Sustainability).


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Project Management for clients that need technical support to meet objectives in the future developing multiple actions and measures.


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